Drakenstein Festival of Lights

During the festive season Drakenstein always host “Drakenstein Festival of Lights” in Wellington, Paarl and in Saron, Radio KC 107.7 fm a local community radio station will be part of the festival, so catch all the Radio KC Presenters in the event and get a chance to meet all of them entertaining the community.


3 thoughts on “Drakenstein Festival of Lights”

  1. Drakenstein Festival of Lights that is where you can get a chance to see all our Radio KC presenters, so if you are around in our footprint (broadcasting area) make sure you visit us in Wellington, Paarl, Gouda or Saron durind the festival.

  2. The 3rd December, Paarl you have to stand up bcoz is your turn to switch on the street lights. Radio KC the no 1 community radio in the valley will be part of the event and other big companies in Drakenstein, so join us and have an unforgetable festival of lights of 2010.

    Well known people in the guest list:

    Alister Izobell
    Saskia Falken
    Grant Johnson
    and Radio KC team

    Tell your parents that uzobuya ngomso – ( will be back tomorrow) azishe ke…

  3. Drakenstein Festival of lights was super dupa fly, we would like to thank all the community of Drakenstein Municipality for showing support in 2010 Festival of lights, Wellington, Paarl, Saron and Gouda was ayoba with a massive attendants.

    Radio KC would like to say keep on supporting your local community radio station 107.7fm, KCfm presenters also appreciate your love that you gave back to them when they are on stage.

    We thank you.

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